I'm a multidisciplinary designer with expertise in the UI, UX, and Interactive spaces.

There should probably be a picture of me here, but I don't have a current one that I like. That means you get to see my awesome home work area instead. I swap the setup around with different keyboards, mice, etc. when I'm in need of a change.

I'm passionate about the digital world and enjoy all aspects of UI/UX work. Seeing an application progress through all of it's stages - from information gathering and wire framing all the way through to a polished final solution - is a great thrill.

I've always been into creating art and messing around with computers, so Interactive/UI/UX Design was a natural fit for me. For the past 10 years I've been helping clients of all sizes (Bed Bath & Beyond, DENSO NA, HTC, LG, and Tread Lightly to name a few) build exceptional desktop, mobile, and web experiences. Working with a diverse range of clients has given me the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of UI/UX within the project lifecycle - information gathering, UX architecture, wire framing, UI design, interaction design, frontend development, etc. I enjoy creating dynamic and innovative solutions to design problems and have an eye for pixel perfect layouts.

I consider myself an avid 'casual' gamer and benefit from being an insomniac with late night gaming sessions. I'm also a Disney fanatic who is still a kid at heart (especially while at a Disney theme park).
My Sources of Inspiration
I’m a Minimalist when it comes to visual aesthetics - clean lines, bold colors, and no excess. Minimalist works from many different disciplines provide inspiration and I'm especially drawn to traditional Japanese Design and the work of the Bauhaus.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t find inspiration in other styles or other sources. Claude Monet is my favorite artist and studying his work always provides a jolt of inspiration. Being a gamer has given me an appreciation for looking within different games (video, board, card, or anyting else) for examples of exceptional elements, layouts, and cohesive visual systems.
The Skills I've Gathered 
Let's Connect on Something Cool
If you like what you've seen I'm always open to make new connections and chat about your awesome project. You can contact me through one of the social networks I have linked in my navigation, or feel free to email me at contact@monkeyconcepts.com.
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